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 Updated 06/05/18


Passport PX60 Upgrade + Installation Special!

For a limited time, take advantage of special pricing and upgrade to Passport PX60 - INCLUDES INSTALLATION!

Why buy new? 

  • Support for PX52 is scheduled to be discontinued starting in March 2018. 
  • Replace all your hardware and components and get new, warrantied, parts! 
  • Includes your EDH, Firewall Router and UPS. 
  • 1st Year of PLUS PSO Support!

Q) Can I install the Trade-Up system at the same time I upgrade my site to Passport v11 for EMV?

A) Yes. Upgrading to the PX60 at the same time as the EMV upgrade results in an overall reduced installation time for the EMV upgrade.

Q) My site is not under a PSO agreement. What do I do?

A) The PX60 platform requires Passport software version 10 or higher. In order to obtain software updates, your site must have a software maintenance agreement with Gilbarco (this is included with PSO). Please contact Gilbarco to renew your PSO agreement. 

Q) My site has PSO coverage today. Will it continue to have PSO with the new system?

A) Yes. If the site presently has PSO, Gilbarco will transfer your existing PSO agreement to the new PX60 hardware. 

Q) What happens to the other peripherals when the Core is returned? 

A) Existing peripherals will be reused with the Passport PX60 is installed.

Order by November 30th, 2018