State Certified TDA Inspections

Effective Sept. 1st, 2017 - TDA will no longer perform on-site routine inspections

Protect your store. Protect your customers. Schedule your required TDA inspections with PSI! No matter what type of meter, we have the parts and knowledge to correct any issues and help your business be more profitable. 

Inspection Package



  • TDA Facility Inspection
  • All meters calibrated to 'zero' for inventory control
  • Blended grades calibrated at no extra cost
  • Continuity check on each dispenser's hanging hardware
  • All meter seals will be replaced
  • File TDA documentation and place a w/m decal

TDA Facility Inspection 

  • Trip charges*
  • Verify posted registration, product labels & displays
  • Dispenser hardware inspection
  • Check for credit card skimmers
  • Meter calibration check
  • Painting of tank farm lids
  • Inspection documentation & inspection seal filed with the state

*within primary service area