Environmental Risk Management, Inc.

Our environmental division is a separate affiliated company that allows for comprehensive environmental consulting services.


  • Phase I-II-III Environmental Site Assessments — Consisting of non-intrusive inspections of properties for circumstances of environmental concern, reviews of publicly available government databases, historical aerial photographs and topographical maps. 

  • Underground Storage Tank Assessment & Consulting — We offer fuel release determination assessments and pre-purchase site assessments for gas station properties, as well as leaking petroleum storage tanks (LPST).

  • Remedial and Waste Management Services — We can define remedial actions needed to address property contamination and then implement the appropriate measures, offering turnkey management of your non-process waste. 

  • Oilfield Lease Assessments — Leases assessed according to the Texas Railroad Commission regulations. 

  • Professional Experience — Field experienced, Texas state licensed geologists, who are registered with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) as petroleum storage tank (PST) Corrective Action Project Managers (CAPM), Environmental Risk Management, Inc. (EnRisk) is itself registered as a PST Corrective Action Specialist firm.