Petroleum Solutions Inc. through our partnership with national financing firm Patriot Capital, is pleased to provide a range of equipment financing and leasing options for your fueling equipment (dispensers, UST’s), point of sale (POS) equipment, LED lighting, canopy’s and other convenience store equipment purchases. 

Apply here for approval of up to $200,000 in equipment financing using Patriot Capital's one page application.

Capital equipment financing & leasing provides many benefits to fuel retailers, jobbers and commercial fueling operations, including: 
100% of the costs, including shipping and installation can be included.
No blanket liens or second mortgages. We can finance equipment even if you do not own the site.
Leasing doesn’t tie up business or personal lines of credit.
Preserve other borrowing areas for investments that help grow your fuel and convenience store business and increase the value of your business.  These investments could include land for new sites, acquiring existing convenience store sites, gasoline and diesel fuel inventory, etc.
The upfront costs are generally only two monthly payments in advance.
Lease payments are fixed, not variable*.  This protects you against rising interest rates and other changes in the capital and lending markets.

Contact a Patriot Capital representative today at 877-527-0383 and find out how you can take full advantage of leasing. Patriot Capital is a leading source of equipment financing to SIGMA, NACS, and PMAA members and have been voted Best in US by PMAA.


*All of Patriot Capital's  lease, loan, or equipment finance payments, are fixed at today’s very attractive rates. They are NOT tied to LIBOR, PRIME or any other variable rate index. This makes our programs very easy to budget and eliminates your chance of rates rising and the cost of operating your business changing.