Petroleum Equipment - Service & Repair

Petroleum Solutions, Inc. is a service oriented company. All of our personnel approach their individual tasks from a customer service standpoint. Our goal is to keep your business operating.

PSI has over 100 Service Technicians across Texas that hold a variety of certifications, including: Gilbarco, Gasboy, OPW, Verifone, Franklin Fueling, and more!


On-site repair and maintenance: 


Off-site repair and maintenance:

  • Mechanical pumps, meters and lubrication equipment repair
  • Electronic dispenser repair.
  • Electronic control console repair.
  • Automated system repair including: automatic tank gauging, release detection systems, Point-of-Sale systems (POS), price scanners, card readers, communication links, and other related systems.
  • Tank system repair including: tanks, pumps, leak detectors, piping, hoses, nozzles and any other tank system components.
  • Preventive Maintenance Programs (PMP's) including: three levels of planned preventive maintenance on petroleum system components. These programs are available on newly installed systems as well as existing systems. The PMP is designed for each facility and addresses the specific needs of the facility equipment. These programs are designed to reduce annual repair costs and costs associated from equipment down time. The PMP offers budget management through fixed monthly billing. The PMP is available on total facilities or on system components.
  • Annual system compliance through tank, line and line leak detector testing required by Federal & State regulations.
  • In-house calibration and repair of metering devices.
  • Where necessary, shop facilities for complex electronic repairs.
  • Training for equipment distributed by Petroleum Solutions, Inc.
  • Repair and testing for pumps, meters and lubrication equipment.

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