Electric Vehicle Chargers

ChargePoint Electric Vehicle Chargers

EV Chargers are extremely versatile and growing in popularity every day. Be the first in your area to offer this service!

Electric Vehicle Charger? At a gas station?

We know, it sounds funny. Electric Vehicle chargers are the perfect compliment to your convience store and gas station, particularly along highways or high-traffic routes. Install a high-speed charger and get motorists back on their way in fifteen minutes or less. Install a more moderate charger and encourage guests to come in, eat, shop and stay a while. 

What if I don't have a gas station?

EV Chargers have a huge variety of application! Restaurants, hotels, laundromats, movie theaters, brick-and-mortar stores, the list goes on and on! Anywhere your customer can come inside and run an errand, eat a meal or spend fifteen minutes or more at your location is a prime spot for a charger! Drive business to your location just by having the charger there!

What are the benefits?

  • You set the price! Charge what you like for the power you provide. Set peak times or discounted times to draw people in.
  • Constantly Connected - the ChargePoint app shows  motorists exactly where they can charge up, often directly on the car's GPS!
  • Take advantage of the largest charging network in the world! 
  • Installation is simple and fast and does not require any shutdown of your fuel or store. 
  • Charge all EV types with ChargePoint! Everyone can charge up, no matter what make their vehicle is.