The LFC 5000

The LFC 5000 is a versatile Fluid Inventory Control system that can adapt to any location. The popular wireless network is a great tool that maximizes installation savings due to reduced component and labor requirements.  However, if the building has trouble housing a wireless system, the LFC 5000 can be partially wired or even totally wired to overcome wireless barriers. With three levels of access, users can manage up to 32 fluids and 300 dispense locations with one complete system.  Technicians can initiate a dispense from any keypad or shop PC.


The Matrix Total Fluid Management System

The Matrix Total Fluid Management System provides automated tracking and monitoring, plus state-of-the-art dispensing for complete control of fluid inventory. System components include management software, a Transceiver, Matrix Meters, Pump Air Controls (PAC) and Tank Level Monitors (TLM) fitted to each tank. The unique part of this system are the Tank Level Monitors which use ultrasonic signals to accurately measure fluid levels and communicates the results wirelessly to a PC. Together, these components communicate wirelessly via an RF signal to collect data from fluid dispenses and levels in bulk oil and waste tanks. The result is 100% accurate liquid management at all times, plus instant matches of vehicles to the liquid dispensed.


Lubrication Hose Reels

  • Heavy Duty
  • Severe Duty
  • Narrow Double Post
  • High Capacity
  • Large Capacity
  • Shielded
  • Specialty
  • Accessories

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