C-Store Lighting

PSI is proud to supply LSI LED lighting systems for C-Store lighting solutions. More lighting options, reduced maintenance and increased lighting potential makes your store stand out.  Lighting accounts for 40% of the utility costs of a facility. LED lighting reduces operation costs, improves operation functionality and saves energy—giving you an immediate return on your investment.

Lowest Initial Cost - As a vertically integrated manufacturer LSI can control and deliver the highest quality canopy fixture on the market at the best possible cost. 

Low cost of installation - Time is money. Quick and easy installation reduces your costs. No other fixture installs as quickly and easily. 

Best-in-Class Performance The lighting performance you want. The optical efficiency you need. 

Lowest Maintenance Costs - LED technology means no lamp replacements which equals significantly lower maintenance costs. 

Longest Operating Life - Proprietary SmartTec™ Technology ensures intelligent two-way communication between the driver and light engine to provide the highest level of control and component protection in the industry. 

Complete Peace-of Mind Reliability - Engineered and built to last with virtually no maintenance. 

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