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Compliance Corner: Are You Rusting Away?

Bill Morris, TCEQ Compliance

Author: Marketing/Wednesday, March 1, 2006/Categories: Compliance Corner

A common myth was if a tank owner had steel tanks they had to be pulled out of the ground by the end of 1998. Actually, what the TCEQ rules requires is that if you have steel tanks after December 22, 1998, they must have corrosion protection including any other steel components of the UST system that are in contact with the soil. 

Impressed current system – A corrosion protection system that is designed for the UST system by a Corrosion Engineer. Sacrificial anodes are placed in the ground with a rectifier that supplies a small amount of dc voltage to the anodes and tank. March 2006 

For an impressed current system: 

  1. The UST is tested first to make sure it is still tight, then a corrosion protection system is designed for the location. 
  2. After installation, the system is tested and certified to meet TCEQ requirements, then tested again with 3-6 months after installation, then once every 3 years. 
  3. Record volts and amperes monthly from the system (to make sure it is working). 

Sacrificial anodes (factory installed) 

These are sacrificial anodes attached to the tank at the factory with lead wires to a test point when the tank is installed at the site. Test after tank installation, then again in 3-6 months. Re-certify every 3 years thereafter. 

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