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Compliance Corner: Line & Line Leak Detectors

Bill Morris, TCEQ Compliance

Author: Marketing/Thursday, December 1, 2005/Categories: Compliance Corner

For pressurized systems: If the tank owner has a pressurized system for fueling, the TCEQ requires that they have an automatic line leak detector, whether it is mechanical or electronic. This article will deal with lines that have mechanical leak detectors and testing requirements. Next months article will discuss electronic line leak detection. 


The requirements by the TCEQ for line testing are: 

1. The piping may be tested at least once per year by means of a piping tightness test conducted in accordance with a code or standard of practice developed by a nationally recognized association or independent testing laboratory. Any such piping tightness test shall be capable of detecting any release from the piping system of 0.1 gallons per hour when the piping pressure is at 150% of normal operating pressure 

Note: If monthly monitoring of the line is used such as SIR, electronic line leak detection or vapor monitoring for example, an annual test is not required, but documentation must be maintained to show at least one pass test per month by the owner. 

Testing requirements for automatic line leak detectors: 

1. The line leak detector shall be capable of alerting the UST system operator of any release within one hour of occurrence either by shutting off the flow of regulated substances, or by substantially restricting the flow of regulated substances. 

2. The line leak detector shall be tested at least once per year for performance and operational reliability and shall be properly calibrated and maintained, in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications and recommended procedures. 

TCEQ Inspections: 

Many times during a compliance inspection by the TCEQ, the owner may not have records of the required line, and line leak detector testing, or it hasn’t been done. A database of all the testing done and original records are kept in the McAllen office, and copies can be obtained if needed.


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