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Compliance Corner : Tank Testing

Bill Morris, TCEQ Compliance

Author: Marketing/Tuesday, November 1, 2005/Categories: Compliance Corner

When is tank testing required? Up until December 22, 1998, most tank owners had an annual precision tank tightness test once a year along with daily inventory control. After December 22, 1998, monthly monitoring was required for release detection for tanks. Here are a few reasons why a precision tank tightness test is required: 

  1. This is a new tank installation
  2. An SIR report or ATG shows a tank failure and the problem is not equipment failure (ATG) or incorrect data submitted to the SIR vender. 
  3. Two consecutive months of inventory control show that the allowable limit (gallons dispensed X 1% plus 130) has been exceeded, and there were no errors in the recorded data. 
  4. Out of service tanks (more than six months) are being returned to service and they were not monitored monthly. 

Recommendation: If you get a call and someone is asking for a tank tightness test, be sure to ask them why they are requesting the tank test. You would be surprised how many times a tank test was requested and the caller just thought they still had to do this every year. If you’re not sure a tank test is needed, give your local PSI branch a call. 


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